Helping people find help: a new RAV initiative.

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Here’s a tricky situation that a lot of you have told us you’ve experienced: you’re on a RAV run or virtual challenge and you’re approached by someone who needs help with a family violence issue. They want to know who to contact and that’s great because you’re making a difference and the message is getting out there. Trouble is, despite desperately wanting to help, you aren’t sure where to direct them – it’s especially awkward when you’ve got the RAV t-shirt on!!! The fact is; many of us are in the same boat.
It can be confusing, knowing who the best person to talk to is because resources and services differ from place to place. There’s just no hard-and-fast answer. Over the next seven weeks, we’ll be tracking down resources and interviewing people in the know from all over Australia.
We’ll be publishing rundowns of our interviews here on FB. We’ll also be pulling together the various contact details and eventually publishing them on the RAV website (we’ll let you know when the page is up and running – if you’ll pardon the pun). You’ll then be able to direct people there if they’re looking for help.
We’d seriously value your input. If you’re aware of any services in your area, please let us know and we’ll include them in our ‘database’.
Cheers everyone!

Photo credit goes to (the fabulous) Karen King.

Cheryl Fitzell