Port Macquarie News - Family and domestic violence documentary to be shown at the Port Macquarie Running Festival

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Run Against Violence screen a documentary about how communities across NSW are dealing with family and domestic violence at this year’s Port Macquarie Running Festival on March 11.

Run Against Violence founder, Kirrily Dear, ran from Broken Hill to Sydney in just 19 days in 2017 raising awareness for the need to stop domestic and family violence in the community and said the documentary sprung from her journey.

“I started Run Against Violence as a conduit for people and families in communities right across the state and country to have conversations while doing something active about family and domestic violence,” Ms Dear said.

“The documentary which will first be aired at the Port Macquarie Running Festival is all about my journey running from Broken Hill to Sydney, in 19 days, and the conversations that sprung from the communities we visited.

“While I was completing my run we had a virtual challenge with teams of 10 competing to chase me on my journey and one of the Port Macquarie teams won the challenge which is why we are launching the documentary at the Port Macquarie Running Festival.”

Throughout the documentary interviews with a police officer, school principal and community members anchors the photographic exploration of the vast landscape Ms Dear travels across.

“The documentary will leave people feeling motivated to get out and help stop violence in the community,” she said.

“After watching how communities across the state have stepped up to the plate to address the problem, hopefully people will be drawn to make a difference in their own communities.

“It is a positive piece that shows that despite the awfulness of family and domestic violence there is action being taken and as we continue to have these powerful conversations things can only keen changing.

“We want people who are experiencing family and domestic violence to know that communities right across the state supports them and are ready for them to come forward.”

To see the documentary come to the Port Macquarie Running Festival at Town Green on Sunday, March 11.

Leah Kulinitsch