SpartaChicks Radio Interview: Achieving What Seems “Impossible”

In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss:

  • why she celebrated her 40th birthday by running 262km / 162 miles,
  • why ultra running - and not Brad Pitt - is God’s gift to women,
  • why she was so drawn to this cause of family violence when she doesn’t have any personal experience with it, 
  • the importance of starting a conversation about the issue of family violence,
  • how you achieve something that seems extraordinary or impossible (hint: the secret is to normalise it),
  • how she worried that everyone would think she was being an idiot when she first came up with the idea for the Run Against Violence, and
  • the icky, murky world of self-limiting beliefs (she admits one of the “stories” she tells herself is that she’s not a very fast runner).

Listen here:

Kirrily Dear