Gossamer threads


Running has a special way of creating those gossamer threads of energy that pull us out of deep sadness and toward the opportunities of the future.

This morning's 23km road run was meant to be a fog clearer for my head. After a few hundred metres that rascal of an inner voice changed the game plan. Last time I covered this route it was one of my final preparation runs for the Hunter Valley Marathon 2016 where I bagged my current PB.

About 7km I was shocked to look at my watch and see I was easily holding the pace of my dream marathon time, tipping above and below 5 min/km. I stuck with it and the numbers fell into place. I finished with an 8 minute PB for the route and a shiny new V02Max of 50 (apparently that's important) and bang on my dream marathon pace.

I was going to run Lima marathon at picnic pace.  But with all the tragedy unfolding over there at the moment, if they manage to stage the marathon then I need to honour their efforts and resilience by giving it my absolute best.

And the point to this story? After my run I went to our local fruit and veg stall and the lady gave me a heap of over-ripe bananas. So I did as I always do when greeted with such a moment of opportunity, and hit the kitchen. When the world hands you a bunch of rotting bananas, make banana cupcakes. Yum!!

Kirrily Dear