The training plan


As previously mentioned, I've decided to use my training for the StepsTogether Ultramarathon as an opportunity to push new mental boundaries, to explore new understanding and see how that impacts my running.

A major piece of that puzzle is a journey I am planning for May - June 2017.  I have decided to go way outside my comfort zone running and racing in the Peruvian Andes.  Within the space of 12 days I will participate in the Lima road marathon, fast pack the 130km Huayhuash Circuit, most of which is above 4000m alt., and compete in my first ever mountain bike and trail running race, the 170km Andes Challenge Non-Stop Peru.

Everything about this adventure pushes my personal boundaries from travelling and adventuring solo in a remote areas, to racing at altitudes that will reach up to 5800m (Everest basecamp is at 5300m!).  I'm also rapidly learning Spanish!

My self-belief will need to be unwavering.  The perfect preparation for running 1300km Broken Hill to Sydney, the perfect preparation for life.




Kirrily Dear