show the world you're taking steps to end family violence

You should be proud of the fact that you have chosen to proactively take steps to end family violence.  It is easy to stay silent.  It is easy to make it someone else's problem but instead you are making a difference.

By becoming a sponsor of the next Run Against Violence documentary you can ensure the people around you, and the world, know that you are creating a positive and supportive community for those who have experienced violence. You will also be educating the wider community to recognise and respond.

The documentary is approximately 23 minutes in length and uses the story of the Broken Hill to Sydney Ultra Marathon as a platform for sharing the progress of change within our communities.

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"The Steps Together Ultra Marathon" will be shown in cinemas throughout Australia and broadcast online to kick start conversations about the role we can all play in bringing an end to violence.  Your company, team or personal name can appear during the closing credits of the documentary acknowledging your contribution to enabling these most vital conversations.

 National and international distribution of the film through:

  • Community screenings
  • Film festivals
  • Corporate presentations
  • Global online streaming
  • Regional community roadshow
  • Schools
  • Community partner organisations

Sponsorship Options

Funds raised will assist with covering the costs of production and distribution for the documentary.  Run Against Violence is a 100% volunteer-based association. Any additional funds will be used to develop educational resources for schools.


champion package

Be recognised as a major partner for the documentary with your logo in lead position in the closing credits. You will also receive a digital copy of the film for use within your organisation in advance of its public release. Ideal for organisations that see Domestic and Family Violence as part of their corporate agenda.  
Only 5 available @ $3500

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leader package

Stand out as a leader.  Leader status will make a clear statement about your values and contribution.  Your logo or name will appear in the closing credits acknowledged as a Leader. You will also receive a digital copy of the film for use within your organisation or personal viewing after its public release.
Only 12 available @ $1000

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Supporter package

We are able to achieve so much more when we all work together.  Our Supporter status is accessible for community and sporting groups.  It is an opportunity to be recognised as playing a vital role in the wave of change.  Your name will appear in the closing credits with acknowledgement as a Supporter. 
Unlimited number available @ $250

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contributor package

Receive a Certificate of Appreciation to hang in your office or around the home to remind you of the changes you can make in this world.  This package doesn't include credit acknowledgement within the film credits.

Unlimited number @ $50


Trailer - The Steps Together Ultra Marathon