Run Against Violence

Run Against Violence is an incorporated member association established to use running and other sporting activities as a conduit for educating and engaging communities in family violence prevention.

We believe by breaking the silence and encouraging people to learn about family violence we can remove the stigma and social barriers that prevent people asking for help.


We take a grassroots approach to starting empowering conversations about family violence. We have a thriving social network as well as community based activities to connect with people and encourage involvement.

Kirrily being presented with a shirt at the Tamworth White Ribbon Schools match

Our outreach program is made possible through the support of:

Black Diamond League AFLPullmans Magenta Shores

Documentary Screenings

Our goal is to have every Australian see our film ICEBERG and start a conversation within their local community about steps that can be taken to prevent family violence. There is a 5-minute and 25-minute version of the film so it can easily fit into conference and forum agendas. The 5-minute version can also be broadcast on club TVs, company intranets and video networks. To host a screening you simply need a location, time, date and an audience. Click on the button below to begin telling us about your idea or to make a booking.

Event Marquee

While we were out on the road we discovered that sport is a great icebreaker. People would start by talking about their shared passion (or dislike!) for running and then that would lead into conversations about violence, its causes and prevention. This is the motivation behind our event marquee. Book our marquee for your next event. We have lots of fun things for kids to do and while the kids are entertained we talk to the grown-ups about violence prevention.

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